This Dedicated Mom Woke Up At 5AM To Make An Incredible Cobra Cake For Her Son. See The Pictures.

One mother went the extra mile to make her son an amazing Cobra cake! She was very proud of him as he was crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and his den was the ‘Cobra Den.’

So, for his Blue and Gold ceremony, Kristi got up at 5:00 AM and made her son a 6 feet long cake shaped like a Blue and gold cobra. She shared her entire process on her WordPress blog ‘Schooled in Love’ so if you’d like to follow along and see how she did it, keep on reading!

She blogs about different types of artistic things and goes into close detail to help others follow along and make their own versions of her creations.

Check out the awesome photos and the magnificent final result!

1. She started off with a 6-foot plank of heavy duty wood. Then, she wrapped it in heavy duty aluminum foil. Kristi said not to go cheap because the cake gets heavy. See how dark it is out the window? That’s because it was so early.

2. You’re going to need a Rice Krispie treat mix to form the head. You can find the recipe on most cereal boxes. Once the mixture has cooled use your hands to form the shape of the head.

3. To make this cake you’re going to need 5 bundt cakes. If you don’t have a good pan, Kristi recommends going to the local thrift store. She also said not to level them and leave the rounded top.

4. After cutting the cakes in half, put them on the foil-covered plank so they make a continuous ‘S’ shape.

5. The final bundt cake should be cut like so. One piece should be slightly smaller than a ¼ and one should be slightly bigger.

6. A few things have happened in this step. The slightly small ¼ has connected the body to the headpiece, which is shaped to meet the cake. Underneath the cake, there is a small blob of rice Krispie to act as an edible extra. No one will be able to see it when it’s decorated though!

7. Use more rice Krispie to form the hood of the cobra. You will need more of it later to shape the tail.

8. You can see the snake starting to take its shape already and she hasn’t even started decorating it yet. Even if you aren’t the best with icing, just these steps alone can make a pretty impressive cake.

9. Now the tail has been shaped and connected to the slightly larger ¼ piece. Add shims where needed to support the cake and try to get it as close to the body as possible.

10. Next, it’s time for icing! Kristi recommends getting some help to pipe stars over the entire cake.

11. To cover the entire thing, it took 10 lbs of powdered sugar, and 10 tablespoons of butter flavored extract, 10 tablespoons of vanilla extract, and 10 cups of shortening.

12. She mentioned that she knows that cobras don’t have stripes, but since she was making the cake for a bunch of little boys, she thought the stripes would help break it up a little.