President Donald Trump surprised a lot of people when he asked everybody to pray for a 9-year-old girl who would undergo a brain surgery. On January 23, 2018, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders share in her press briefing what Sophia Campa-Peters was facing. She confessed that the message was passed from the President himself. Opposing Views reported that Sophia suffers from a rare disease that makes the blood vessels in her brain to narrow and close. Consequently, she has endured four strokes and underwent several surgeries. As a result of the strokes, her body was left partially paralyzed. The doctors told her and her family that she would not be able to walk again due to the severe damage to her brain.

rtheless, Sophia showed them that she was full of faith and confidence and replied that if they were just going to talk about the things that she wouldn’t be able to do, then she didn’t want to listen to them. After trying and trying, Sophia succeeded at walking and pointed out that she could do it because she was ‘awesome.’ Knowing her situation, Sanders pointed out that Sophia would undergo another brain surgery on January 26 at Boston Children’s Hospital and the girl asked people to pray for her. According to Sanders, she set a goal of 10,000 people. Nevertheless, Trump wanted to exceed that number and asked Sanders to talk about her and ask everyone at the White House and in the entire world to pray for her.

The message went viral and a petition website was created so people could sign up and pledge to pray for Sophia during her surgery. Republican Representative Jodey Arrington of Texas took his time to write on the petition website asking others to join him in praying for Sophia’s physician in order for them to be successful throughout the procedure.

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