Only 1 per cent of the population can locate all of the missing soldiers in a puzzle the makers say will ‘drive you insane’

The latest optical illusion comes after a similar one swept the web last week. It showed five young soldiers playing hide and seek in this puzzle, but one of them was better than his friends at disappearing from view.

It challenged you to try and find where the fifth member of the group is lurking in the vintage illustration.

The website claims that 95 per cent of people can’t find him – are you among the five per cent who can?There are five boy soldiers in this classic illustration but one of them appears to have gone missing


If you can’t manage to spot him then you aren’t alone, but you might find flipping the image upside down makes things a little easier.

Even then, 49 per cent said that they weren’t able to find him, and had to look at the reveal for it to all become clear.

When looking at the picture upside down, the boy is in fact right above the other soldiers and can be spotted nestling in between the trees.

Now that the picture has been flipped, his hiding place has been revealed to be above them