It’s not uncommon to see homeless men and women struggling to get by in today’s society. With the job market being incredibly difficult to work your way into, it’s no wonder that more and more people are finding it challenging to be able to support themselves or a family. When this police officer noticed a homeless woman asleep on the sidewalk with her baby asleep on her chest, his heart broke.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, officer Tommy Norman was making his daily rounds when he noticed this woman asleep on the sidewalk. She was lying with her two-year-old daughter, and was clearly pregnant as well. Feeling incredibly sorry for her, he asked the woman (Jessica) to get up so that he could take her and her daughter Kayla to a hotel.

At first, the woman hesitated. After a bit of coaxing, the officer bought the woman a hotel and showed her the picture he had taken of her asleep on the sidewalk. He shared the touching photo of the exhausted mother and her daughter on Instagram and the reaction was priceless racking up over 70k likes. The caption reads as follows:

“After my coffee stop I begin making my early morning rounds. As I enter into the neighborhoods I see this. I initially passed because I thought I was seeing things. This is not a post asking for assistance. It’s an image I decided to share to show that real life stories exist in communities across the world. Heartbreaking yes but hopefully an image that encourages others to get out & make a difference in their communities”

Norman spoke with the woman for some time, coming to find that she had recently been in an abusive relationship and that that is what had lead her to end up on the sidewalk with her baby. After seeing the overwhelming response on social media, Norman created a PO box specifically for the young woman so that strangers could send her different types of supplies she would need to take care of herself and her family.

From diapers to towels, wipes to shampoo, and much much more…. Jessica was well prepared for any situation that life was planning to throw at her. Due to the generosity of society, and the courage of one man to try and push for the well-being of another human life, Jessica’s outlook and mindset had changed forever.

We applaud the officer for all he is doing and are proud of the community for being so ready and willing to help a total stranger. SHARE this post if you are proud of him as well!