New Virgin Bride Assaults Husband After She Sees What He’s Got In His Pants

Nearly all of us dream about the day we are going to get married. Ok, maybe not all of us (there are a few anti-marriage individuals), but most of us. The wedding day is certainly the most important one. And the best part is a wedding night. We all think that it would be loaded with cheesy romance, seduction and of course an awesome sex. Mnombo Madyibi thought so as well but things turned out to be the opposite of what he thought.


Mnombo who is a South African man was beaten down by his wife on his wedding night. Now you might be wondering what the reason this awful thing happened to him is. Well, at a minimum, we would say that his wife didn’t like what he was hiding inside his pants.

Let’s give you a little background on the couple. The couple met each other for the first time in a church. They fell in love almost immediately and eventually decided to get married. As they were practicing Christians, they decided that they won’t have sex until they are married. They both were eager to get married and have a hot, romantic night but things didn’t quite work as well as they wished for.


All was going well when it came to the foreplay, love, and kisses but thinks changed the color when Mnombo Madyibi took down his pants down for the actual things. Her wife couldn’t handle what he had got inside in his pants. Mnombi said that as soon as she tried to penetrate his thing into her, she bit his ear and squeezed his balls. She went a step further and hit the poor guy with a wine bottle. Yes, folks and she hit him hard in the head. And this was not the end.

She tried to suffocate him as well and that too with a teddy bear that he had bought her earlier. I truly feel sorry for the poor guy and I know you do too.

The wife said that her husband should have told her beforehand so that she at least knew what she was expecting. She claims that she hated the hiding factor more than she hated or was scared of the thing. Well, we give her that much. She had the right to know beforehand even when she decided not to have sex before marriage. And Mnombi clearly had known that his equipment was not an average one. Yes, he knew that perfectly well.

Well, you might be wondering what made him suffer and what kind of equipment exactly was he hiding inside his pants. Well, to give you a clear idea his friends often called the thing Anaconda in the locker room. His wife describes the ‘thing’ as a long cucumber with a hairy bush. It was extremely scary for her to view the very thing. The frustration of the wife was further accompanied by Madiba’s inability to provide nicer accommodation for the two. Needless to say, the two took the separate buses from the home.

Well, the shocking yet inspiring thing in this entire story is Madyibi’s reaction to the situation. He stands by his wife and understands that what sparked such reaction. She is willing to go for counseling with her and is eager to give their relationship a second chance. Now, that’s certainly very great of you Madyibi. It is hard to take such a positive approach after being ridiculed and more importantly beaten.

What did you guys think of the story? Are you team Madyibi or team Madyibi’s wife? Do you feel sorry for the man or think that he got what he deserved? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to know your opinion. Do not forget to share the story with your friends. For more such stories, stay connected.