Mother Elephant And Her Calf Are Sent On Fire In Shocking Pictures

Over 27,000 endangered Asian elephants live in India, with many in close proximity to residents of West Bengal. Unfortunately, the two do not co-exist peacefully.

There a lot of elephants in India, and when these huge beasts have encounters with people, thing’s don’t go very well. Tensions are very high between people and elephants in the Indian state, and one incredibly heartbreaking photograph highlights this conflict in a powerful way.

Elephants Run For Their Lives

Wildlife photographer Biplab Hazra won the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Award 2017 with his photo titled, “Hell Is Here.” The photo captures the moment a mother elephant and her calf flee an angry mob while the hurl balls of burning tar at the. The baby is seen engulfed in flames, but luckily, survived the attack.

Picture WIns Prize

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