Man Spots ‘Square Waves’ In Ocean, Investigates And Discovers How Dangerous They Are (3 Pics)

Most humans usually think that we are masters of this planet. However, nature shows its teeth from time to time and reminds us that this planet is not just ours and that we are only residents and nothing more. That power is usually an unstoppable devastating force that slaps us so hard that we can’t stop talking about it. Well, one of those forces can be seen in the popular tourist destination of Isle of Rhe in France. That is a small island strip only 19 miles long and three miles wide. It’s special for its waves.

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The sea around all other islands is normal, but this area has waves that are different than any other that you could have seen anywhere else. The waves are shaped as squares! Water actually looks like a chessboard. That is why many tourists travel all the way to that island to photograph that unusual phenomenon.

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This happens because this is the place where two seas meet and when they clash they form that strange pattern. That is why this section of the sea is called a cross sea.

And believe me, that sight is simply beautiful! However, as much as the sight is beautiful, that section of the sea is incredibly dangerous to be in. The riptides are so dangerous that an average person simply can’t handle it. However, this “cross seas” phenomenon is not something that goes around without a break so people can, in fact, get in those waters without worrying about their safety.

As much as we are afraid of some forces of nature, we can’t help ourselves from admiring them. Whenever there is a storm coming, for example, something draws us outside to watch it as it is getting closer although we would never like to actually stand in the middle of that kind of a force. That is why we will definitely remember the Isle of Rhe, and perhaps give it a visit someday.

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