Is Your Thumb Straight or Crooked? Here’s What It Means (4 Pics)

Just hold your thumb up. Check the angle of your thumb. Is it straight or does it curves to the back? This will show you something about your personality.

Straight Thumb

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One group of people have a straight thumb when they give a “thumbs up”. They can’t bend to the back. That straight thumb could mean that you are a very serious person. Although you can’t show your excitement, that doesn’t mean that you are boring.

Crooked Thumb

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The other group of people has the crooked thumb. As you can see from the photo, it bends towards the back. That angle can be smaller or bigger, depending on the person.

This means that you are a very expressive person and you want to share all your problems, feelings, and thoughts with everyone around you.

Obtuse Angle

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People that have thumbs which make an obtuse angle (>90°, <180°) with the index finger are very rare. Such thumbs are usually very strong, long, and thin. People call those thumbs “tender”. People that have such thumbs are very calm and thoughtful. They are usually excellent artists and musicians.

The First Half Of The Thumb is Longer Than The Second One

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If the first half of the thumb is longer than the second one, then you make all your decisions based on logic. You don’t believe in willpower. However, that logic keeps you away from love. You tend to keep your guard up at all times, and you are afraid of falling in love. That is why you will miss lots of excellent opportunities to find a perfect life partner.

Try to fix this. If you really want to find love, you should start listening to your heart and let that logic take the back-seat.