Incredible Moment Captured When A 40-Year-Old Woman Hears For The First Time


Imagine being able to hear for the first time after being without the sense of hearing for decades. How would you feel? Would you have words to describe the sensation of hearing a human voice for the very first time in your life?

Joanne Milne, who suffers from the rare condition, Usher Syndrome, was born deaf 40 years ago. Today, a medical miracle at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital has made it possible for her to hear. This touching video captures the moment when her cochlear transplants are switched on and she listens to a human voice for the first time.

Experiencing the sensation of hearing for the first time, Joanne is overwhelmed with emotions and bursts into tears. In addition to hearing another human speak, she is able to listen to her own voice for the first time. How miraculous it is for her!