Husband Proves His Wife Is Absolutely No Fun On Road Trips With Hilarious Photo Set

Redditor MrMagoo21 has driven to a number of different places with his wife, but each of their trips share one thing in common — the fact that she’s zonked out practically the entire time spent on the road, to her husband’s amusement. It happens so frequently and predictably that MrMagoo21 has taken to documenting her vacation snoozes in a hilarious series of photos. But before we get to the meat of it, please remember that it’s never safe to use your phone while driving.

Scroll down and check out MrMagoo21’s collection of car time slumbers below, featuring his lovely wife. Looks like this lady can sleep through anything!

I identify with this woman so much. There’s just something about the motion of moving on the road that makes for the perfect nap-time conditions. Looks like MrMagoo21 is on permanent driving duty.