Heartbroken parents have shared the intimate moment they comforted their two-year-old daughter as she lay dying in hospital.

Parents, Kristi and Justin, allowed a photographer to share the moment their daughter Adalynn lay dying from a heart condition, so she could raise awareness of the disease.

Adalynn was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) and doctors installed a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) into her heart.

An LVAD is a mechanical pump which helps weakened hearts. However there was a complication which led to a blood clot which then travelled to her brain.

Adalynn suffered brain damage and was therefore, cruelly, ineligible for a heart transplant.

Photographer Suha Dabit, who is mum to a daughter who had a heart transplant after suffering from CHD, shared the heartbreaking story on her Facebook page World of Broken Hearts

Because she suffered from brain damage, Adalynn was not suitable for a heart transplant
Sharing the pictures on Facebook, Dabit wrote: “There aren’t any words to describe the pain and love I witnessed.

“CHD claims so many lives, too many lives.

“It tears families apart and forces siblings to grow up way too fast. It changes you in every aspect of your life, and to the very core of our heart and soul.”

She told Popsuga : “I felt Kristi’s unconditional love for Addy and the excruciating pain. It was hard, I could barely hold it together.

“I left with a piece of my heart missing. I wish no family would ever have to go through this, but it happens, every day.”

Her original Facebook post has been “liked” over 7,000 times, with wellwishers rushing to share their love for the family and offer condolences.

“I know they will hate and love looking at these images forever,” Suha said.

“I offer all the families I photograph in the hospital to keep the images I take private.

“I am thankful that Kristi and Justin allowed me to share such intimate moments of their family with the world, to spread so much needed CHD and organ donation awareness.”