Feminist Cartoons Which Perfectly Depict The Truth & Struggle

Humans share this Planet with more than 8.7 million forms of Life. The Source of Life on this Planet is a Female, whether Human Beings, Animals, Plants or any other Species Living. The Truth is, we are still Ignorant of this fact about, where Life comes from and who it comes from. A Male is incomplete without a Female. Yet, there are many who are Sexist towards a Female. Today there are so many Feminist movements all over the World where an equal Platform is trying to be given to a Woman. So, let us give Her that Freedom with which She provides Life. A Positive Outlook is important as there are many sources in hand Today to understand the Truth and make a Decision. A woman’s Transformation in every area of Her Life should be Respected. Let us encourage Feminism and be a Feminist, not a Sexist. A series of cartoons whichever way you look at it, whether Left to Right or Right to Left, It’s all about Transformation, it’s all about Freedom, it’s all about Feminism. Let’s be a part, not tear apart.

So, presenting you these light but true feminist cartoons, if you get it right

1) A Realization Dawned And Change Occurred. Keeping It Simple.

2) A Thought, A Question And Finally An Answer. It Works.

3) Who Am I And Whoever I Transform Into, It’s My Choice.

4) A Fight To Initiate Independence And Enjoy Freedom.

5) Just Trying Adding Some Colour To Life.

6) Anyway, You Look At It, It’s All About Contentment.

7) Nothing Wrong If A Song Uplifts And Changes Life’s Beat

8) Be What You Wanna Be, Taking Things The Way, They Come.

9) From A Dumbo To A Bimbo. It’s Fun, ‘Sexist’.

10) Identity Crisis. Lost And Found. I’m Only Woman, I’m Just A Woman.

11) Adding Some Spice To Life, Makes It Luscious.

12) I, Me And Myself. Where’s The Problem?

13) Even Men Playing An Active Part In Revolution. Ha! Ha! Ha!