Beauty Treatments Hollywood Doesn’t Talk About

Well, we all are quite well versed in the subject of beauty procedures that many celebrities, social media influencers and beauty gurus severe by. Whether it be lip fillers, injections, Botox and facelifts, we all think that we know about all the possibilities to make ourselves look beautiful. But, there is one treatment that the Hollywood doesn’t talk about. Are you wondering what it is? Well, most of you probably haven’t heard of it before.  It is, well, take a little guess, alright!!! I‘ll tell you. Well, it’s called Veneers.

Veneers? What is Veneers?


Well, it’s a procedure that involves the filing of the teeth. Well, before writing this post, I was only aware of the nail filing but apparently, teeth filing is a thing too. But, here is one thing to remember, it is not as easy and painless as nail filing. This procedure is quite invasive and is irreversible. Yes, my friends. It is. It is not something you randomly decide to do one day and be ok with the results. You need to think long and hard before going for the procedures.

Imaging and imagine some more


Imagine that someone tells you that your teeth look ugly. Well, what will you do? Become self-conscious, obviously. Many of your favorite Instagrammers have faced this. And now imagine a dentist offering you Veneers for free. Well, you might want to jump right into it but it’s not always good for you. It is a very painful procedure that can be quite uncomfortable as well and most of the time, there is no need for getting it done. However, if an expert performs it on you, outcomes can be very positive.

The Hollywood Smile


Amongst with many unrealistic standards of beauty, a Hollywood smile is a must for anyone who becomes popular on any medium otherwise, they are a risk of getting trolled for having a perfectly normal smile. It is a very expensive procedure, not to forget the discomfort it causes.

The price of a single veneer is about $2000 to $4000 dollars. Whoa, that’s a lot. It is. And moreover, people have to get them redone after every 10 to 15 years. What does that mean? Well, if you were required to get a full set of veneers, you will have to pay about $80,000 dollars. Well, I guess having a million dollar smile couldn’t get more legit than that.

A View from the Dentist


A dentist in California says that the demand for getting veneers is increasing day by day. As soon as someone decided to start a career in the media industry, they are asked to get veneer by their agents. Most people decide to get them whether they have a need or not and spend thousands and thousands of dollars. All the experienced dentists maintain that they will never offer Veneers for free to anyone.

Spotting the Not-So-Well-Done Veneers


Let’s get into some statistics that speak for the increasing demand. Well, 4 out of 5 people do not smile in their photos because they are self-conscious of their teeth and hate their smile. Socked? Well, let me shock you some more. One out of every 3 people is thinking about getting a treatment to fix their teeth. It is important to realize that the good quality veneers are undetectable even for the dentists. They are not as white, smooth and big as some people expect them to be. They resemble your natural teeth and make your smile naturally beautiful if done well.

It is important to keep in mind that getting veneers is not the only option if you want your teeth to look great. There are plenty of less invasive and less invasive options. So, do consider them. But, if you want to go for the glam Hollywood smile, go for it by all means. Just make sure to choose the right dentist. Good Luck!!!