8 People Who Are Absolutely Savage

People can be pretty darn savage sometimes, and luckily–some of those moments have been captured on camera.

From hilarious store signs to teachers and cosplayers with funny messages, people have come up with some of the most clever, and witty jokes that are often savage as well.

Or perhaps it’s coming from a kid which can be seen as better or worse. Kids are kids, but that also means that they’re very honest and that can result in some pretty savage results.

Here are 8 examples of those times.

1. What a message to send to students. I guess it’s fair, students do need to learn about deadlines. I hope students with plausible excuses have some leeway.

2. Oh no! I’ve never considered this before. I wonder if Waldo ever feels lonely.

3. This girl just wanted to give herself a good reminder. I guess she’s fed up with being treated incorrectly. Good for her for reminding herself that she’s fine on her own.

4. This kid was asked to draw a picture for some senior citizens. Remember what I said about kids being extremely honest? Yikes.

5. I mean, what’s so bad about cauliflower? If you sauce them up correctly they can actually be pretty similar to chicken wings–for a vegetarian.

6. This isn’t really helping the case of parking attendants. We all hate them with a passion, but this? Who hurt this person? Have they ever taken an exam? Are they human?

7. Oh dear, this guy decided to be savage about his own life. I hope he was just joking.

8. And finally, the most savage of them all. Getting ‘Rick rolled’ is a pretty old gag but the older it gets, the more irritating it is.