16 Instances Of ‘When You See It’


There’s always more than just appearances. The mantra: don’t judge a book by its cover is more prominent than ever. We should never pass judgement based on someone’s appearance. We don’t know about that person’s background or upbringing or thought process so we should never pass judgement on someone based on how they look. But there are some scenarios where all we have to do is just look a little deeper. Look a little harder and you might see something a little shocking, or just plain funny.

From snakes, to subliminal messages to downright logical fallacies, there are some pictures that require a keen eye to elicit laughter.

Here are 16 pictures that will make you laugh once you see it.

1. Now I don’t claim to be an advanced IT technician that can access computers from abroad, but I do know a keyboard from a computer screen. I’m pretty sure this gentleman has his laptop upside down. How can you possibly not notice that?!

2. At first I was looking around for an extra limb (foreshadowing maybe?) or a creepy smile, but the funny part of this picture lies in the mirror. How is the little girl facing the camera and smiling while the reflection on the mirror is of her looking at herself? Scary!

3. If she’s trying to hide her leg, she’s not doing a very good job since it’s quite evident that she’s just trying to hide it behind her friend’s leg. On top of that, you can see a footprint in the sand, so there goes that illusion…

4. Now I’m pretty sure there is no one hiding behind her so where is that third knee coming from? And which of those two knees belong to her? Look closely and you’ll see she’s holding a vase.

5. This picture is actually quite creepy. I thought it was just a girl posing for social media but upon closer inspection you can see a wide eyed girl staring from behind the windshield. This one gave me the shivers.

6. This is what happens on Bring Your Child To Work day. You end up playing an unintentional game of hide and seek since your daughter has run off and decided to hide in a drawer. That’s going to be sure to produce a couple of screams from some unsuspecting colleagues.

7. This took me a while, but the boy on the far right in the bottom row is giving off a subliminal message with his fingers. I wonder if his teachers and parents saw this picture and whether or not he received any consequences.

8. It’s bad enough to double park but to take up 2 parking spots and a driving lane? That’s just plain rude. How is the pilot going to get that jet out of there? Wait for everyone to leave and then take off?

9. If a dog’s got to go, a dog’s got to go.

10. While this couple is sitting on a branch taking a cute couple’s picture, a sly snake is sliding up the side of the tree preparing to give them an unsuspecting scare!

11. You’d think a jumper would be a lot cheaper if it comes with 3 sleeves for someone with 3 arms. Where did that hand on the wife’s shoulder come from? Is that why she looks so shocked?

12. How did that horse get a job to pay for rent? And why isn’t he or she at work during the day? Either way that big fella sure is photogenic staring at the camera like that.

13. I thought the rule was to never leave your car unattended if you have children in there. Does that rule still apply if it’s a cat and not an infant?

14. This one is pretty self evident. Is that guy in the mirror just lining up for the next free hug or is this an intentional ‘photobomb?’

15. These 3 individuals sure are calm seeing as there is a giant green Godzilla (made of grass or ferns?) practically chasing them down.

16. A table for a dog? Seems like that fella got caught in the act. And that’s poor service if you’re snapping pictures of the customers instead of serving them delicious dog food.